🍌 This game is Flipping Bananas!

Do you get it because the game is flipping bananas but it's also flipping bananas 🤯!

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How do you play?

The rules for Flipping Bananas are pretty simple. You just need to find all the bananas before Spike the Dog shows up!

Geoffrey the Monkey needs your help finding bananas. The bananas come in bunches of 1, 2, and 3. Geoffrey is mainly concerned with finding bananas in bunches of 2 and 3. Once you help Geoffrey find all the the bunches of 2 and 3 the round is over and you can start a new round.

  • Finding Bananas. When a new game starts you will see how many bananas are in each row and column. This will help you decide what squares you want to look under.
  • Beware of Spike. You will also see how many squares Spike is hiding under in each row and column. Take your time and beware of Spike!
  • Scoring. The scoring is pretty simple. You will get 10 points for each banana you help Geoffrey find. Every two levels you will also get a multiplier. So on level 2 and 3 you will get 20 points for each banana you find. On level 4 and 5 you will get 30 points for each banana found. And so on.
  • Lives. You start the game with 3 lives. Every time Spike shows up you lose a life 😢. Every two levels you beat, you will get one more life. Once you lose all your lives the game is over.
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